Mark Ramos
Christopher Clary

As artists, we see poetics. In YOU SHOULD BE KNEELING IN FRONT OF ME, Mark Ramos and Christopher Clary will reprogram Alice as a kinkster and Bob as a leatherman so they can live on to negotiate a shared language between two queer communities that sometimes misunderstand each other. We consider differences and conflicts to be deep learning moments and opportunities for personal, political, and artistic awakenings. We truly hope our chat devolves into “creepy” so more of us, not just queers, see AI as inherently subjective, or more importantly, stupid funny.

YOU SHOULD BE KNEELING IN FRONT OF ME will take the form of a website, exhibit, and book. The website will consist of a chat box where Alice and Bob talk when a viewer is present. As an IRL exhibit, the feed will be livestreamed as a two-channel video, and again, active when someone is physically present. Finally, we intend to publish their conversation as a book of poetry.